In the busyness of the holiday season , or any time you find yourself caught up in the overwhelm, take a 3 minute pause, a break.   This brief pause will bring you back to the present moment and can give you back control of your emotions & reactions. 


Find somewhere quiet (a stairwell, an empty room, the bathroom stall or even your car).  You can be standing or sitting, it doesn’t matter as long as you feel secure.  

How do you feel in this moment?  Acknowledge what it is during a slow deep breath. Open your mouth and sigh it out. The sigh can be loud and forceful or more gentle.  Let it ground you. 

2nd breath: as you breath in be in the moment with what you’re feeling, accept it (anger, stress, sadness, overwhelm, anything). Experience the fullness of your emotions.  Exhale long & slow through your nose as you breathe out start to let the emotion leave your body. 

3rd breath: Breathe into the spaces that are tense, clenched, clouded & resisting in your body & your mind.  As you breathe out you feel calmer, lighter.

4th breath: Now inhale a positive feeling – ‘I am amazing’, ‘I can do this’, ‘calm is my superpower’. Let that sink in as you breathe out. 

Then relish in the silence and the calm of the final breath.  Relax your face, shoulders, hands, glutes. Find a soft smile because now you’ve got yourself back on track. 

 We can all find 3 minutes in even the most hectic of days.

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