Virtual classes are the perfect storm for savasana skippers. In the studio rushing out as everyone is coming to their final pose brings raised eyebrows and guilt looks from the teacher. But on a virtual class you can just tap the END button & you’re ready to race back into the chaos of your pandemic day. Here’s why you should gift yourself the last 5-10 minutes of your class:

♦ In these crazy stress filled times we need to relax. We may do a lot of “nothin” these days but how often do you actually relax? This is your time to truly pause. If you have kids & they leave you alone during yoga – this might be all the quiet time you get. Take it!

♦ Regardless of your type of practice (movement like Hatha or Vinyasa or subtle body release like yin or restorative) your benefit from all the “work” you just did happens by allowing integration. What does that mean? Energy shift can happen, muscles recover, stress introduced into joints & connective tissues can resolve, breath comes back to a natural supportive rhythm, your mind focuses on feeling vital, free & in the moment. Yeah, all that can happen at once, if you let it.

♦ For the financially minded yogi – you paid for it. The precious, hard earned dollars you have committed to this self care time for yourself include these last 10 min. Your self care commitment deserves it’s full money’s worth.

♦ If you are a habitual “savasana skipper” because you don’t like to be still or because you find it so challenging, YOU my friend, need this final pose the most! They don’t call it the most difficult asana for nothing. This is your greatest practice. Use your breath & stick it out. Just like that super strong power pose or deeper yin shape, final savasana becomes easier (& even loved) over time.

“Savasana is where the studio class ends and the truest Yoga begins”

~ Logan Kinney

(And if you really want to embrace the practice of savasana, yoga nidra is calling you)

Much love

PS If you’re a yogi who just can’t sink into savasana check this out

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