Living in spaces of constant change, stress & anxiety has left many of us, most of us too exhausted to keep lifting ourselves up.

We need hope, things to look forward too and things that are easy & accessible as our “go to” for the starting line for self care.   I think these are 5 things are very doable.  They are the things I’m looking to for my own support and care:

1. Sunshine – Anyone who knows me know that this is the medicine that heals me almost everyday.  When things start to be overwhelming, if Mother Nature allows it, go stand in the sunshine.  Outside in the fresh air is best, but a window works too.  Walk in it.  Sit and feel it on your face. Breath it in as long as you can.  Feel it all the way through you.

2. Self Massage:  Does your body hurt? Mine does.  Stress, anxiety, all the noise leaves signs in our body.  Take the biggest, slowest, breath in through the nose that you can (internal massage), then slowly release it through the nose.  Do this as many times as you need.  Then give some love to your neck, shoulders (front & back), hands & feet.  10 min a day feels like heaven.

3. Relax: There’s so much social noise right now.  The information overflow physically grips our mind and body. Often we feel like we’re not doing much these days but are we relaxing?  You can take 3 minutes in a quite space to unwind or try something more substantial.   Here’s 3 things that might help:

4. Nourish:  Build a ritual around your favourite warm drink (or chilled drink for summer). Take a time out to do nothing but enjoy it, beginning to end.  Atleast 1 time a week enjoy a meal that is truly comforting – that might be take out, or comfort food. Let it be something you can look forward too.  This can be so uplifting as you nourish your body & your energy.

5. Gratitude:  I know you’ve heard this one but have you cultivated it as a practice?  Being positive can feel fake & forced, like you’re not suppose to be feeling what you feel. Gratitude practice allows you to feel & move through where ever you are but also acknowledge the good in the moment.  You could be sad, anxious, overwhelmed, but the sunshine broke through the clouds; a chickee landed on the fence and you smiled; the first sip of coffee was so incredible.  Those are the moments of gratitude.  Mark them down.  My favourite iphone apps right now are  Gratitude Journal  and Gratitude Diary.  They make jotting something down so easy.  Here’s a few more ideas.  You can journal on paper in a note book that makes you feel good too.

If you have “go to” things you are practicing this Spring to bring some balance to your world I’d love to for you to share them.  You never know what could change someone’s day completely,

Keep taking good care,
Much love

Updated May 31st, 2022

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