As I close a personally difficult year there are a few things I’ve learned along the way that I think might be helpful to share.

I’ve come to understand that grief is the greatest unexpressed emotion that challenges our lives.  It breeds in the spaces of hurt & trauma, loss & all those things we push down hoping they’ll quietly disappear.   They do not disappear.

Trauma has become a buzz word that has started to lose meaning for many. It has created judgement & lack of understanding.   Trauma is not reserved for war or those atrocities we see on TV.   Trauma is ANY deeply disturbing & distressing experience.  No matter how big or how small more often then not, these experiences bring us to spaces of loss… grief.

Grief masks itself as other things; anger, confusion, fatigue & a numbness that is easy to ignore at first.

Forgiveness & love is the only way to move through to a place where we can find ourselves again.  We need to give ourselves permission to acknowledge, feel, hurt, heal and continue.  It’s not simple.  It’s not quick.  And it’s not easy. But it’s absolutely necessary.

In 2020 my personal practice as well as those tools & practices I have the honour to share with you, will continue to evolve. My hope is to offer you spaces to relax, decompress, connect & find ways to honour & move through your own life experiences, amazing & challenging, so you are be able to shift forward, renewed.

Every year I pick one word to guide my new year.   This year I’m not picking a single word. It doesn’t feel right. Instead I’m re-focusing my life on 3 things;

~ Compassion for everyone I cross paths with & whatever they may be experiencing.
~ Love. Because love should always be the intention.
~ And Enthusiasm; because no matter how small the joy if we approach it with enthusiasm it could turn out to be the most amazing moment of our life.

Much love & appreciation.
Happy New Decade ❤️
Let’s practice together soon.
Tanya ✨

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