It’s my passion to share practices & tools that help connect us to the spaces in our life that we seem to struggle to reach.  These often include slowing down, learning to listen to our own mind and body and how to give ourselves permission.

This page is a growing collection of offerings that I’m happy to make available.

Check back for meditations, breathing tools, movement practices and downloadables to inspire your day.

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This was our Mother’s Day 2021, Embodied Hatha Class.  It’s mindful, accessible to most yogis new or experienced.  It includes shoulder and neck massage, gentle release through the body and a long savasana.  Please enjoy


Yin is a delicious, slow practice of breath, ease, mindful intensity (edge) and meditation to connect with your body, increase flexibility, release tension & stress.  This was our Summer Shift practice (Aug 2021) and focuses on supported shapes that release tension in the neck, shoulders and upper back.  75 minute practice.


Gentle Sun Salutations Tutorial & Practices: 

Gentle Sun Salutations offer the opportunity for a more mindful practice, to build strength slowly, to support you if you have injuries or restrictions or on days when you just don’t need a strong practice.

Mindful Sit Practices from 2021:

What exactly is a mindful sit?  Meditation can be intimidating. There are seemly so many types, styles and rules… all the rules.  A mindful sit has no rules. It’s your time to sit comfy, set aside a few moments to yourself to check with how you’re doing, how you’re feeling, how you’re breathing and just be.  These practices are guided to help your breath ease, your body & mind pause, so you can get to know yourself better in this moment.

Interested in all 20+ mindful sit practices plus yoga nidra, restorative & guided relaxation? They’re part of our Mindful ON Demand Library which is included when you register for our Yoga ON Demand Library of over 185 practices.

Select Sessions from January – May 2021: