This is a re-post from our “Off the Mat” sessions from a few years ago.  I’ve had a couple of requests for information and I’m happy to share this far and wide.  

A few years ago, I was struggling with the lovely belly bloat we ladies know so well and I came across a tea “concoction” that claimed to do all things – reduce the bloat & inflammation, help with cramps & pain and boost your energy. Hmmm, I was skeptical but I love tea.  Also I’ll try most natural options at least for a while and see how they go, so I bought the 3 kinds of tea I needed and gave it a shot.

Ladies! WOW.  This tea is now a regular part of my morning ritual – wake up, move, mediate, coffee, Moon Elixir Tea!  You should be able to find the teas you need at your local natural food pantry, possibly your grocery store, definitely on Amazon (mine come on subscription).

I truly believe that anything that helps to balance your hormones is a game changer.  Plus it’s a delicious cup of tea ♥

So what is this elixir?  3 tea bags, a tablespoon of raw honey, hot water & steep.  Click the pdf link below.  It includes the “how and why’s” for each type of tea.  Make sure to save it and share this with your friends.

Moon Elixir Tea – Super easy, delicious, hormone balancing game changer

Taking care often isn’t difficult, it’s just intentional.

Much love

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