New Year’s is just over the horizon.  With the new year comes all that well meaning pressure to make resolutions; that list of all the things you’ll do, change, improve, become as the calendar changes. Your social media TL will be overflowing with challenges, encouragement, ideas, product offers, inspirational sayings and then 3 weeks or so later, once you’ve realized you can’t possibility keep up or even remember what you resolved to do, everything slides back.

About 8 years ago, I stopped making resolutions, instead around the winter solstice each year I start working on 2 things for the coming year, my “Live Out Loud” list and my “One Word”.

Let’s start with the One Word.  If you’ve ever tried this you already know how powerful a single word can be.  What’s your word?  Start with asking yourself  ‘What do I need‘?  Not the usual things like losing weight, finding a new job, taking a vacation – those things, if you’re feeling them, are part of something else, something bigger. They are important if they’ve risen up for you, but rather than resolving to lose 10 pounds  again this year, think about what you really need.  What would have a profound shift in your life? This is the part that involves taking some time to evaluate where you are right now.

Here’s an example:  About 7 years ago I needed to make a change in my life.  I was unhappy in every way – with my body image & appearance, relationships, my job, generally where I was in my life.  The changes I thought about were terrifying. They would take so much energy, money, time and they were…well they were selfish ( by the way there is ZERO wrong with that). Once I really looked at what was wrong in my life I realized I was where I was because I was scared… of everything. I was scared to make the changes because things would change!  My word that year became FEARLESS.  It guided my every decision – if I took away the fear what would I choose?  It was an incredible 12 months.  Every choice and decision I made that year, I made as though I was fearless (it was freaking scary) and I don’t regret a single choice.  What I learned is all the best things are on the other side of the fear.

I still come back to that word constantly (it’s actually tattooed on my ankle) though I’ve had many new ones since then – Breathe, Brave and in 2017 my word was Balance.  These guides have become my anchor.   What’s my word for 2018?  I’m not completely sure yet – there still come soul searching going on but it’s almost on the tip of my tongue.

Would one word work for you?  Not sure how to figure out what it might be?

Grab a piece of paper and ask yourself a few things:

  • Write down what’s really great in your life right now – generally or specifically
  • Write down what’s maybe not so great in your life right now – generally or specifically
  • What makes you feel fantastic?
  • What is, or what do you think is holding you back (back from what? You probably already know that answer)
  • Write down how you are feeling these days really?  Not this last week or so but look at your life as a whole.
  • Now the big question… Why?

The answer to Why will likely not be simple, because if it was you would have made the change already.  It will hopefully be something you can acknowledge, maybe even be an Ah-Huh moment.  From acknowledgement and understanding your word will start to rise to the surface. You’ll know it when it does.   Write it down – everywhere!

If you’re comfy sharing it, I’d love to hear about it.  Let’s start a conversation on Facebook and if you’re interested in learning more on how I use this tool all year long pop me a note.  If it’s something that you’d like I’ll make it happen – maybe some more journalling ideas, intention setting.  Soul searching is a great thing, but the shift it brings is better.

For now I’m going to sip some wine, sit back in front of the fire with my journal and finish my soul searching.  January 1st is only a few days away. 

Stay tuned for my next post…my Live Out Loud list.

Live inspired!
Much love



PS: Check out my Pinterest Board: Words ~ the beauty of.  Maybe you’ll find yours