On Your Mat

Here you’ll find all you need to know to support your ongoing practice weekly. 




Zoom Links: 

You’ll receive an email directly to your inbox the day before or morning of your class, with your Zoom link.

Be sure to set up your space, arrange any music you might be using (playlists are below) and hop online about 15 minutes early with a cup of tea.  Connecting before class can be one of the best parts of our day.

What you need for an amazing practice:

  • Your yoga mat
  • 2 yoga blocks or books that are thick, stable & sturdy to support you
  • for Yin & Unwind: pillows, bolsters, blankets.  If you have eye pillows use ’em!
  • Something to drink
  • A quiet comfortable space to practice
  • Your phone or computer (or both)
  • For music – if you have Spotify, all my playlists at available at @Tanyak61, follow the YouTube Link on my channel Tanya Kalon Yoga for an online version of playlists, your can practice without music or use your own!


You should have received your password in your intro email this month.  If you’ve miss placed it, send a message & we’ll get you on the mat right away.

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Playlists & Themes:

There are playlists provided for each weeks classes (Spotify & YouTube).  You are always welcome to use your own music or practice in blissful silence.  For those looking for music links I provide a Spotify & YouTube link for each class:

Yin Yoga: Next class is live Thursday October 14th   6:30pm- 7:45pm:   Explore Series #1:  Finding Equilibrium (Twists)

Playlist: (or music of your choice)

Spotify Tanyak61: Yin~ Reflection

Youtube Tkyoga: Yin ~ Reflection


Upcoming Practice Focuses & Themes for September/October 2021:

During the Autumn months we come to practices that give us more freedom to shift & move as we manage Vata season.

• October 7:  Gratitude: Heart & Spine Focus (Pre-recorded)
• October 14:  Explore Series #1:  Finding Equilibrium (Twists)
October 21Explore Series #2:  Balancing Duality (Sidebody)
October 26:  Explore Series #3:  Personal Power (Hanuman) – tentative


Embodied Hatha: Next live class Sunday October 17th  9:15am -10:30am ~  TBA

Playlist: (or music of your choice)

Spotify Tanyak61:   Flow –

Youtube Tkyoga:  Flow –


Upcoming Practice Focuses & Themes for October 2021:



Unwind -Yoga Nidra : Next class is Tuesday October 26th  6:30pm-7:30pm  VIRTUAL (with the possibility of in person spaces)

Celebrating & Honouring Samhain ~ Walking Through Shadows

An enchanting practice to honour a spirited time of year, inviting ancient rituals, embracing rest and visualization that with an open mind, may provide a glimpse of things past and things to come ♠

Playlist: (or music of your choice)

Spotify Tanyak61: Yoga Nidra – Mystic Ambient

Youtube Tkyoga: Yoga Nidra – Mystic Ambient