All you need to support your weekly virtual practice. 




You will have received your password in your intro email for the month.  If you’ve misplaced it, send a message & we’ll get you on the mat right away.

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Zoom Links: 

Zoom Links come to your inbox either the morning of, or the evening before your class each week. 

Join us online about 15 minutes early, maybe with a cup of tea.  Connecting before class can be one of the best parts of our day.  Be sure to set up your space, arrange any music you might be using (playlists are below).

What you need for an amazing practice:

• Your yoga mat
• 2 yoga blocks or books that are thick, stable & sturdy to support you
• for Yin & Unwind: pillows, bolsters, blankets.  If you have eye pillows use ’em!
• Something to drink
• A quiet comfortable space to practice
• Your phone or computer (or both)

Playlists & Class Themes:

Playlists are provided for each weeks’ classes (Spotify & YouTube).
You are always welcome to use your own music or practice in blissful silence.

Yin Yoga: Next live class is Thursday May 26th at  **NEW TIME**  7pm-8:15pm

Playlist: (or music of your choice):
Spotify TanyaK61: Yin ~ Unfolding
Youtube TKyoga: Yin ~ Unfolding

Upcoming Practice Focuses May 2022: 

“Attention is the beginning of devotion.” This is a quote from poet Mary Oliver.  This can mean many different things but through the month of May this will be our theme & premise for practice.  Attention to ourselves, to our practice, to our breath, to our body; leading to devotion in a way that supports us and maybe begins to heal us.  This month we’ll practice with intention to move deep into spaces where we can surrender and breathe, taking the time we need to learn to be devoted to ourselves ❤


Embodied Hatha: Next live class is Sunday May 29th,  9:15am -10:30am – Let’s Flow
**No Class May 22nd**

Suggested Playlist: (or music of your choice)
Spotify Tanyak61Flow ~ Mantra
Youtube Tkyoga:  Flow ~ Mantra

Upcoming Practice Focuses May 2022:

Arriving on the mat with breathwork and intention.  Flowing through traditional asana & moving our practice forward through the limbs of yoga, feeling good, learning new ways to move so we feel energized and inspired as you welcome a new day.


Yoga Nidra : Next Live Class:  Tuesday May 24th  *7pm-8pm*  VIRTUAL/In person: The Blooming Heart

Our May Yoga Nidra is called The Blooming Heart.  It is a combination of a visualization of a spring meadow and an adaptation of Deepak Chopra’s 7 step Meditation to Open the Heart.   The will be a beautiful space to focus your mind and heart energy as we embrace and welcome the summer season.

Playlist: (or music of your choice)
Spotify Tanyak61: Unwind – Bells
Youtube Tkyoga:  Unwind – Bells