Teaching Yoga & How to Breathe

When I first started my own yoga practice I would get annoyed when teachers cued breathing – like, seriously I can figure out when to breathe all on my own. Then in my teacher training I had a light bulb 💡 moment when I realized I was actually breathing wrong (Yes, there is a right way to breath & it does make a difference).

Ever since then my awareness of the breath and the effect that awareness has is integrated into everything I do.  I cue breath in every class I teach. Some students ignore it, some get frustrated… that’s why I also teach breath work (pranayama) in my Sunday morning classes – with the hope that even 1 person might find their light bulb moment.

DoYouYoga.com shared a great article some time ago called ‘Why Yoga Teachers Tell You to Focus on the Breath…and Why You Should Listen

If you’re now sitting on your phone or computer, suddenly paying attention to your breath, wondering if you’re some how doing it wrong – relax.  Check your schedule and join me in class sometime soon.

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