Your practice and well being are important.  I strive offer a truly authentic and safe space for everyone who joins our community.

Below are suggested options for each class combination, depending on what you’ve registered for, over the next 4 week session.  You are the only person who can attest to what you need to take care of yourself and what is available to you to support that process.

Consider the number of classes you’ve registered for 4, 8 or 10.

Embodied Hatha – 4 classes a month  |  Yin Yoga – 4 classes a month  |  Unwind – 2 classes a month

   $8/class     $5/class    $2.50/class

Choose an investment amount per class that supports you in the best way at the moment.

For a scholarship request ($0.00/class) please click here.

See you online soon.

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