Unwind Student Waiver Form

    We work with our students to ensure the most enjoyable experience possible. Please assist us by completing the following information (all information is held in the strictest of confidence):


    Emergency Contact Information:


    Do you have any medical or health concerns that Tanya or any staff from Space to Unwind should be aware of?


    I am responsible for my own well being. By signing (electronic signature) below, I agree that the information provided above has been completed honestly & to the best of my knowledge. I also agree to take full responsibility for my actions within class and shall work within my own limits whether I am in practicing in studio or via live stream. If I have any inquiries or health concerns, it is my responsibility to notify Tanya or the teacher on site before or during class. It is my responsibility to consult my physician before taking this or any class.

    I agree to assume all risk of injury or personal damage resulting from the participation in any program offered including but not limited too Yoga, meditation, hot stone practices including hot stone restorative offered by or through Tanya Kalon or any wellness providers operating at 35 Alberni St, Ottawa whether in person or via live stream.

    I release, discharge, and waive any and all responsibility of Tanya Kalon, Space to Unwind Yoga and its partners from and against any liability claims, demands and actions of injury including death, and/or for damage to and/or loss of property, which may be suffered arising from my participation in any programs including offered by Tanya Kalon, Space to Unwind Yoga & Wellness and it's partners/employees.

    By entering my digital signature below, I agree to the above noted requirements: