Why?  “Why would you think that was a good idea?” That’s the first question most people I’ve mentioned this too say.  Well, it seemed like a great idea actually.

I have an established meditation practice that I’ve struggled with a bit lately so I wanted to try something new. I like to experiment in my practices, and meditation doesn’t have to happen in lotus pose.  Each day in my morning ritual I take a very long pause in wide child’s pose & it’s so great I feel like I could stay for an hour.   So it seemed like a logical option to try as mediation.

As it turns out child’s pose as a meditation is a very different place then hanging out for a rest.

Coming to it with a mediation intention was the first difference. Settling in was not bad, but not as comfy as I expected ~ definitely doable.  In the mornings my mind is calm but late afternoon… not so much and calming the chaos here was a challenge.  Wide Child’s Pose offers a deep hip opening (releasing “stuff”) and with the heart sinking & your energy drawn inward as your ground down.  Your body, breath & mind are all contained in this shape & yet it’s a very ‘ripped wide open’ space in which to be.

This was one of my most challenging meditations in ages, but it was awakening too.  My body started to ache from the extended Yin pose, I was aware of my breath, my mind was present but not calm as the vrittis (fluctuations of the mind) swirled & demanded attention.

Full disclosure… I didn’t make the full 28 min.  At about 25 min I shifted to lotus to breath and ride out the wave that came with moving (the rebound).

At first I was frustrated that it wasn’t what I hoped for (no meditation ever is).  After a few minutes though I let that go and started to realize that it was actually exactly what I hoped – it shifted things, opened me up, brought me back to noticing, feeling & releasing.

Was it easy? No way.  Will I do it again? Absolutely, but maybe not for 28 min.  20 seems a little more… sane.


How to do Child’s Pose:  On the mat, knees down, bring big toes and knees to intend in towards each other.  Sit your hips back toward your heels.  Lower your upper body toward your thighs.  Allow the spine to round, shoulders soften forward and forehead to rest down town towards your knees, or a support on the floor.  Arms rest where it is comfortable.

How to do Wide Child’s Pose:  On the mat, knees down, bring big toes to touch and open the knees as wide as desired.  Sit your hips back toward your heels.  Lower your upper body forward allowing your ribs to sink between your open knees and the heart to begin sinking towards the floor.  Support as needed/desired.

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