Earlier this summer I took a Hatha class with a lovely local teacher and during savasana she read a passage that stirred something for me.  I’m always captured by words that remind me to be present, live now and to move past the stuff that gets in the way of living an inspired life.

After class I popped her a message and asked if she would share the passage with me  (because inspiring words should be shared).   Unfortunately she didn’t know who wrote it.  I’ve searched the web and every source I can think of for the author – but there is seemly no trace.

This week in my Yin classes I shared the same passage during Savasana & a few souls were also stirred by the words and asked if I would share.   I hope this helps inspire you to remember to live for the unexpected ✨

PS: If you happen to come across the composer on your travels of the internet, please share 🙏


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