Every spring for the past 7 years I’ve made a list.  It’s not life goals or chores and it’s definitely not a bucket list (though if you have one of those,  it could include things from it if the time’s right).   This list is my One Wild and Precious Life List.

We get bored and in a rut with the monotony our day to day life.  If you don’t plan and challenge yourself it’s suddenly Dec 31st and you look back over your year to realize it slipped away… again.   So this year what will you do with your one wild and precious life?  This list doesn’t have to long and the things on it don’t have to be earth shattering.   Have you always wanted to eat at that French restaurant downtown? Or feed the chickadees at the conversation area?  Or take an entire day in a sunbeam in a coffee shop window with a book?  Put those on your list and then DO Them.  PLAN them.  Sit down with your calendar and book them onto a weekend and go live the experience.   Living inspired doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming.  Rather it’s about living those moments that you always wished you’d taken the time for.

Spring is upon us and the fever to breathe fresh air and take in sunshine is stirring.  This is the perfect time to make a cup of tea or pour a glass of wine, enjoy the extra hour of brilliant sunshine light and jot down a few things.  Let it be a living list ~ add to it, cross things off then put smiley faces or bright check marks and stars beside the ones to you rush out and experience.  And it is an experience! This is the beginning of living an inspired life.

Tanya’s One Wild & Precious Life List 2018

I normally share this on my personal blog or on my Facebook, mainly because it holds me accountable in my own mind.  My list is a smorgasbord of music shows, adventure & day trips and personal wellness challenges.   This is just a snippet (my list is always long)… I’m sharing some of my list so maybe you’ll be inspired :

Adventure & Fun:
Chute Coulonge Zip & Via Ferrata with J (I’ve done this twice but the amazing love of my life has not)
♦ Learn to Slackline    ♦ A Kayak & camping trip anywhere    ♦ Ausable Chasm all of it!

♦  Theory of a Deadman (May!)      ♦  Foo Fighters Road-trip (July!)

Personal Challenges:
Manotick 5 Miler  on my birthday weekend   ♦ Learn to Knit
♦ Train with Stephanie Calhoun (Yin in May!)    ♦  Build a resource page of meditations, yoga nidras & practices


Whatever you put on your list, you don’t have to do them all ~ not this year.  Do what you can, what you want, whatever works.
Inspire yourself


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